Projects Include


Characters in this story include some of Britain’s most famous writers, such as Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, and Tom Sharpe, the writer of such
works as Wilt and Porterhouse Blue. The story is set in 1962 and represents a snippet of our social history. In the story, Home Secretary Lord Butler reviews the evidence from the A6 murder, before the hanging of James Hanratty, one of the last hangings to take place in Britain.

In the background, former Monty Python and Goodies team members John Cleese, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Tim Brooke Taylor and Bill Oddie are rehearsing a comedy sketch (“The Green Line Bus”) prior to a Footlights


In a true story about an unsolved crime from the 1970s, an armed gang posing as a group of friends on a fishing trip travels across southern Island robbing post offices. After each robbery, they parcel up the money and post it back to their female boss in England. Meanwhile, back home, their boss tries
to take over new turf, leading to a power struggle that comes to a bloody end.


This 6-Part documentary follows the beginnings of our civilisation by showing how every village, town, and city across the country was born along a stream or
river. It is a journey through the ages from our early settlements right up to modern times, showing the importance of water to humans and how humans
have polluted and abused the very thing they cannot live without.


A one-hour long documentary looking at the justice system and how it is failing to protect our civil rights due to government cuts and failed policies, this documentary includes an interview with a retired judge who lifts the lid on what is happening, and not happening in the justice system.


A young man – who aspires to manage his reformed best friend’s budding rap career – struggles to leave his life of drug dealing and crime behind. After he gets into trouble with a gang of local drug dealers, the man’s father finds out what’s going on with his son and tries to get him help. Out of sheer desperation, the father turns the tables on the gangsters to get his son back.