Corporate & Commercial

Objective - Creative Approach - Marketing Strategy

No matter what the size of your project. Be it a single person interview for a social campaign or a full scale promotional video project working in conjunction with your own marketing team, you can be assured of the exceptional service, quality, value and extremely positive results every time. We have worked with companies and brands of all shapes and sizes but one aspect that links all our projects are the three key elements we identify to ensure that the video we create is commercially effective:

Objective – Why are we making the video? What does it need to say and how should the content ‘feel’ to the viewer? And vitally, what do we want the viewer to do when they see this content.

Creative Approach – What visual treatment and creative styles will be right for our client’s audience? What production level will ensure that the viewer receives the content and then acts on it.

Marketing Strategy – How will viewers find the content? Is it for social media, a website, a trade event or all of these?