Film Studio & Equipment

Hire equipment and studio space; Use a state of the art studio in Cambridge UK. Give your commercial or any business promotional film the ultimate professional look with our set design and construction service.


Our Production Services can be tailored to suit your requirements, down to the little gritty details. We can guide you from Pre Production right through to Post Production where we see the final work

Corporate & Commercial

We have worked with companies and brands of all shapes and sizes but one aspect that links all our projects are the three key elements we identify to ensure that the video we create is commercially effective: Objective - Creative - Marketing


The project represents an opportunity for the clients to tell a story and contribute to a substantial film made to a high standard and through an industrial model. We strongly encourage a sense of ownership and identity amongst key players within the production.

Feature Films, Documentaries, Music Videos

We are The Creative; a full-service creative studio. We produce videos, photography and animation for some of the biggest names in beauty, lifestyle and travel as well as conceptualisation, insights and strategy for digital marketing across consumer and corporate campaigns. We’re the steady hand that guides our clients through the entire content creation process from brief to creative concept, execution to delivery.

We love creating amazing content. It's the reason we come to work every day. It's also the reason we're obsessed with helping our clients create incredible work. This could be pushing boundaries with the latest trends and innovation in campaign content, or a beautifully shot, cinematic piece that fulfils a specific objective. We pride ourselves on executing all of our work against our core values: High Quality, High Speed and High Value.