Transforming Rehabilitation
The project represents an opportunity for the clients to tell a story and contribute to a substantial film made to a high standard and through an industrial model. We strongly encourage a sense of ownership and identity amongst key players within the production.
The Project module will comprise a two-part, 10 minute short film, showing scenes of a crime and the consequences. These could be documentary, docudrama, drama, music video or something more experimental.

Workshop Week One

Mind Games

Workshop Week Two

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

"I think the men really valued an opportunity to try
something new and create something that they could be proud of.
They really enjoyed the workshops and really came together as
groups in doing so. I think that a week workshop was optimum
time – any longer and we would have seen more drop out I fear.
I think it is definitely something we would like to consider
again in the future." - Sam Russell; HMP Swaleside